Betty Kaye’s Smokehouse

Meet Betty Kaye. This is her smokehouse.

Betty Kaye’s Smokehouse with recipes handed down, perfected, made with love, from the heart and soul of Tennessee BBQ country. It all started a long time ago with a girl.

When there are six kids in the house, it’s hard to be noticed but Betty had a way about her. A strength. A survival instinct. And despite being a middle child, she had the eye of both Mama and Daddy. She shared a passion with them for good cooking; harnessing the power of a home cooked meal and the undeniable way it brings people together. Food is love.

Where there’s smoke, there’s Betty. She’s known for bringing the heat around here. She doesn’t get up at dawn every day to stoke the fire with only half her heart. She’s all in.

When you dive into Betty Kaye’s smokehouse meats, sandwiches and sides, it’s an invitation to come home. Betty Kaye’s home – full of smoke, spice, sugar, a seat at the table, and a swift kick to your tastebuds. She’s worked her whole life on perfecting these recipes. What’s good about food when you don’t share it? At least that’s what Mama taught her.

“I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t do this. Barbecue is in my blood, it’s who I am. I hope Mama and Daddy would be proud. I sure do think of them every time I fire up the smoker. Maybe I’d make records. I do like that rock music . And I can pick a little on the guitar…”

But don’t be mistaken – Betty Kaye plays her hand close. Her recipes are hers and hers alone. It’s her house. Her rules.

This is Betty Kaye. And this is her smokehouse.